Lādētājs portatīvajam datoram Xilence 75W Melns

Lādētājs portatīvajam datoram Xilence 75W Melns

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Spriegums (ieejas), V: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, Jauda (izejas), W: 75 W, Spriegums (izejas), V: 15-24V, Jauda (izejas), A: 5 A, Ražotāju atbalsts: Universāls, Garantija: 2 gadi


When looking at the new lightweight Xilence notebook PSU, it does not reveal its powerful interior. Nevertheless, the slim power pack has power with a stable output voltage of 24V. It achieves a remarkable efficiency of over 85%. The compact power pack includes eleven plug adaptors in order to supply the most popular notebooks and netbooks with power. The integrated LED display shows information on the output voltage at all times. Full-range allows the power supply to be used worldwide. The PSU reliably operates at input voltages between 100V and 240V.


  • full safety design: Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Short Circuit Protection (SCP)
  • 11 coded, easy-to-install tips make easy chosing the right tip for your notebook
  • LED display on the adapter shows the actual output voltage




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    To find out more, please visit: http://www.xilence.de/en

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